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Woodpecker i-Sensor Digital Intraoral X-Ray Sensor from $1799 after coupon (ATOMO Dental Supplies)

Woodpecker i-Sensor H1/H2 Digital X-ray Sensor with Software (TWAIN compatible with your imaging software)

$ 1,999.00

ATOMO dental technician will provide remote support if you have any problem when installing the sensor & software. Please email with any questions. 

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30-Day Risk-Free Trial, Hassle-Free Returns if you don't like it (not including customer damages).

  • Comes with user-friendly powerful imaging software
  • Support TWAIN option, compatible with nearly every imaging software & dental practice management software in the market, like OpenDental, EagleSoft, EasyDental, Dentrix, Carestream, Weave, CurveHero, Modento, SoftDent, TigerView, Denticon, OrthoTrac, DentiMax, ExcelDent, XDR, Gendex, Schick, DEXIS ...
  • Support Windows-7 to Windows-11, doesn't support Windows-XP & Mac system
  • Ultra-high 25lp/mm theoretical image resolution, up to 1.5 million pixels
  • Ergonomically designed makes the photographing process more comfortable
  • 4.4mm Thinnest sensor
  • Durable and reliable: 80000+ bending test & IP68 highest level of waterproof, can be immersed in disinfectant
  • Curved Edges to Avoid Patient Injury
  • Highly Flexible Cable, length: 9 ft
  • H1 is for kids, H2 is for adults. 
  • 2 years manufacturer warranty
Parameters i-Sensor H1
(comparable to 
Schick size-1)
i-Sensor H2
(comparable to 
Schick size-2)
  for Kids
for Adults
Mechanical Size  38.5 x 25 x 4.4 mm 40 x 31 x 4.4 mm
Detector Technology APS CMOS  APS CMOS
Pixel Matrix Size 1000 x 1500  1300 x 1800
Theoretical Resolution 25 lp/mm  25 lp/mm
Effective Area 20 x 30 mm  26 x 36 mm
Cable Length 9 ft  9 ft
Data Interface USB 2.0 USB 2.0
Weight 118 g 158 g
Water Protection IP68 IP68
Item# AD0031 AD0032
Price after discounts $1799 $1979
10% off on Woodpecker i-Sensor x-ray sensor (ATOMO Dental Supplies)
Woodpecker i-Sensor H1/H2 (1)
Woodpecker i-Sensor H1/H2 (2)
Woodpecker i-Sensor H1/H2 (9)
Woodpecker i-Sensor H1/H2 (3)
Woodpecker i-Sensor H1/H2 (10)
Woodpecker i-Sensor H1/H2 (8)
Woodpecker i-Sensor H1/H2 (7)
Woodpecker i-Sensor H1/H2 (5)
Woodpecker i-Sensor H1/H2 (6)
Woodpecker i-Sensor
X-ray photos by i-sensor (ATOMO Dental)

Comes with its own imaging system software (super user-friendly). Also can work with your current software seamlessly. 

i-sensor software (ATOMO Dental / Woodpecker)



i-Sensor H1 & H2 Digital Intraoral X-ray Imaging System Manual

i-Sensor H1 & H2 Software Manual

i-Sensor H1 & H2 Installation Instructions

i-Sensor H1 & H2 Extension Installation Instructions (install Ai-Dental software on the client computer)


ATOMO Dental, Inc. is the official partner with Woodpecker and provides ALL Woodpecker products at a discount price. Please call 866-9800988 for more information, if you cannot find the equipment on our website.  



Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Beth G
Excellent value!

My pediatric office uses phosphor plates because they're easier for kids to tolerate, but I'd been wanting to add some sensors for older kids and teenagers. I bought 2 of these sensors about 2 months ago, and we couldn't be happier! Images are crisp and clear, and they load directly into Open Dental's imaging module, which is sufficient for our needs. Very pleased with these sensors.

James Tang
Good product, good service

This is a really good product. Easy to use, and comfortable for patients.
And their technician Tom is very helpful and friendly! Now I can use this sensor with Eaglesoft just the same as Schick sensor. SUPER!

Patrick L.
great sensor

The sensor can integrate with my Opendental software seamlessly. The resolution is great. Good deal!

Dr Sergei Yuryk
It is great!

I am a long time Schick sensor. Just got the size 2 Woodpecker as a back up sensor. Surprisingly, it works great! Ordering size 1 right away.

Mark D.
Great product

Great product. Good resolution, easy to use. Thanks!

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