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3 what are dental supplies, which dental supply company has high quality dental supply products with best price

what are dental supplies? 

dental supplies are the consumable or disposable products for dental offices and dental clinics daily operation. For example: 


Which company has high quality dental supplies with best price?

ATOMO Dental provides all kinds of dental supply products with higher quality and lower price. 

1, dental intra-oral cameras, $495 each

ATOMO intraoral camera

2, dental bibs, $16.50 / case

3, bite trays; $3.59/bag

4, cut-off and abrasive wheels / discs for dental purposes; $19.99/box

5, apex locator; $199 each

6, bridges; $4.39 each

7, examination chairs; $ 999 each

8, crowns; $0.99 each

9, dams; $0.36 each

10, drills; $1.99 each 

11, excavators; $ 3.35 / bag

ATOMO saliva ejector

12, nitrile gloves; $5.63 / box

ATOMO nitrile gloves

13, dental handpieces; $200 each

14, impression trays; $3.50 /bag

15, crown and bridge removers; $23.69 each

16, dental root files used in root canal therapy procedures; $49.99 each

17, disposable prophy angles; $29.95 / pack

 ATOMO prophy angle

18, oral irrigators; $2.99 each

19, root canal therapy instruments used to shave the inside of a root canal; $34.99 each

20, air compressor and vacuum system for dental clinic operation; $499 each

21, dental mirrors; $0.10 each

22, operating lamps; $99 each

23, plastic material for fabricating complete and partial denture liners/relines, and for fabricating gaskets for over dentures; $39.89 / bag

24, dental tray covers (made of paper); $12.90 / pack

25, digital sensor used for taking digital dental radiographs; $1299 each

26, disposable headrest covers for medical and dental examination chairs; $22.59 / case

27, face masks for use by dental care providers; $2.99 / box

ATOMO face mask

28, forceps for dental technical purposes; $43.90 each

29, transparent face shields for use in the medical and dental fields; $0.49 each

30, Intra-oral dental light system; $29.99 each

31, 3D scanner for human body; $4900 each

32, dental sterilizer machine, autoclave; $1999 each

33, orthodontic machines and instruments; $49.90 each

34, plastic material for producing, relining and repair of dental prostheses; $2.79 / bag

35, polymerisation apparatus for dental purposes; $29.99 / box

36, sprayers for cleaning gums and teeth used in dental offices during dental procedures; $2.69 each

37, surgical apparatus and instruments for medical, dental or veterinary use; $19.60 /box

38, ultrasonic scaler; $448 each

Woodpecker ultrasonic scaler distributed by ATOMO

39, ultrasound cleaner; $345 each

ATOMO ultrasonic cleaner

40, X-ray dental imaging system; $6900 each



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