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ATOMO Dental introduces HD touch screen intraoral camera

HD touch screen intraoral camera new product TWAIN compliance

ATOMO's new HD touch screen intraoral camera comes with revolutionary TOUCH SCREEN button and brings brand new customer experience. Features with HD 720P true-to-life images resolution, concise and durable aluminum shell, professional dental lens eliminates optical distortion, and most importantly, the TWAIN compliance driver ensures this intraoral camera integrates easily with third-party (like Carestream) dental digital photography imaging software. 

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ATOMO Dental introduces all-purpose premium 5oz paper cup for dental clinics

new product

ATOMO's all-purpose premium 5oz paper cups are made from 100% pure original wood pulp, safe, nature white, no printing, no wax, no chemicals, can be used for all purpose, for both hot and cold water. The price is 60% less than other dental supply providers. 

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ATOMO Dental will participate in NDA 102nd Annual Convention

ATOMO trade show

Chicago Marriott Downtown, Chicago, Illinois, July 24 – 28, 2015

The National Dental Association largest and oldest organization of minority oral health professionals in the world presents four days of seminars, networking events and exhibits.

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ATOMO Dental introduces high power LED curing light

new product

ATOMO introduces a top quality high power LED curing light, with super luminance (2000±200 mW/cm²), pure blue light and excellent solidification effect.
This device is cordless, with high capacity replaceable battery that can be used for more than 500 times continuously under 10s working time mode after a full charge.
Most of all, this high power LED curing light has stable output of light intensity, the solidification effect is not affected by the consumption of remaining electrical power.

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