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ATOMO Dental will participate in CDA 2017

San Francisco, CA. August 24-26, 2017

ATOMO Dental, the Award Winning Professional Manufacturer of high quality dental and medical supplies, will participate in CDA 2017 in San Francisco, CA. August 24-26, 2017.

ATOMO Dental will demonstrate their Nitrile gloves, Latex gloves, Sterilization Pouches, Face Masks, Isolation gown/jacket/lab coat, Prophy angles, Barrier films, sterilization wraps, cleaning wipes, X-ray sensor sleeves, chair cover/sleeves, syringe sleeves, tray sleeves, intraoral camera sleeve/sheath, headrest cover/sleeves, LED curing light sleeves, dental bibs, saliva ejector, HV evacuator tips, surgical tips,prophy paste, air/water syringe tips, micro applicators, brush applicators, non-woven sponge, cotton roll, impression tray, bite registration tray, impression materials, untrasonic scaler/cavitron, untrasonic scaler tips, and many awards wining products. 

The California Dental Association’s biannual conventions were established more than 100 years ago. Previously known as Scientific Sessions, CDA Presents The Art and Science of Dentistry is held twice each year, once in Anaheim and once in San Francisco. Dental professionals from around the world attend the conventions to learn about the latest clinical and technological advances in the industry, earn C.E. and network. The Anaheim meeting typically draws more than 27,000 dental professionals; San Francisco, usually more than 16,000.

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